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A great success from day one, Xbox 360 game console is unparalleled. Offering top of the line graphics and features online play, it's the console that everyone wants. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 still has some technical problems. You've probably heard about the "red ring of death" before, but there are few other, causing headaches for gamers Xbox 360 and bother people who are considering buying one of these consoles.

The "video" and "no sound" fault is a common technical problem of players in Xbox 360 How can this problem solved? Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem and can usually be fixed so you can spend more time playing and less waiting for your console for repair.

As some of the other themes in common with the Xbox 360, heating is usually cause no video error. Overheating can damage the terminals on the processor in place. If these terminals too hot, they lose their grip - and the video processor is not connected, you have no video. The problem common red ring of death caused by a hardware failure like overheating related.

How you can fix Xbox 360 No Video error?

Well, you can always send to Microsoft for repair - the extended warranty on the console These provide free repair, may wait a bit "of time before the Xbox 360 back to you. But it can often be repaired by myself. You must do is to get the graphics processor instead.

One thing that you hear a lot is the "towel solution. Do not wrap a towel around your Xbox 360 - this makes it even more likely to overheat as this will prevent air circulation.

Use an Xbox 360 repair guide is by far the best way to correct the error video on your Xbox 360 These guides often video tutorials that walk you step by step through the repair. There are a lot of these guides online. During the video, and detailed, step by step instructions in the text makes the Xbox 360 that is fixed quickly, easily and safely as possible.

But most of these repair guides show you how to solve only one problem - the red ring of death. There are many other problems can occur with the Xbox 360 and if you have an Xbox 360, so you probably want to know more about them.


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